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Tactical Tech

Tactical Tech is a sci-fi military themed, area control, resource management table top game with grid movement mechanics. Has the look and feel of a fast paced sci-fi real-time-strategy video game.

Humankind has advanced dramatically since the industrial revolution of commercialized outer space. With so many living off Earth, a new calendar was created: the Cosmic Almanac System, or “CAS”. The current year is 64 CAS. Legally, there are no governments controlling outer space, only special interest groups called Factions. These Factions are funded by governments and big tech corporations. They have only one purpose: mine the asteroids, by any means necessary...


Factions will either find abandoned mining facilities or build new facilities on asteroids. They mine the minerals and sell them to their investors back on Earth in order to buy the latest technologies.  They purchase technologies such as military grade 3D printer blueprints, artificial intelligence, advanced weaponry, nanotechnology, tactical body suits and even teleportation.

Greetings Commander,


Welcome to Tactical Tech, where players battle each other to control the asteroid mining operations scattered in our solar system. In Tactical Tech, each player controls one of the four Factions (Blue Atlantis, Red Dynasty, Green Henge, or White Tepe), and either team up with another player, or go solo in a mission to defeat all opponents.


Starting at your Command, train units and send them out to occupy new board tiles. Buy miners to earn more mineral cards. Spend mineral cards to build up your faction. Strategize how to destroy your opponents command. Once all opponents command have been destroyed, you win the match.


Train Fighters, Shooters, and Mechs and engage in battle with your opponent(s)! Use them to expand and occupy tiles while defending your assets.


Build Miners on nearby blue resource squares so you can earn mineral cards. Doing this early on will allow you to purchase new structures, units, and upgrades before engaging in battle.


Build Barricades, Turrets and Portals on any tile you control to give your faction an advantage against your opponent(s). 


Purchase Shields to increase hit points on key pieces.

Get the Advanced Miner upgrade to double the mineral cards you earn on a miner.



Collect all four Research Cards to increase the number of units you can activate per turn. Some research cards also have added abilities.


Special Cards are hidden in the mineral card deck which you keep private. At any time you can play these cards giving a moment of surprise to your opponent! Enjoy their face expression as you manipulate the board destroying their plan of attack.


With five unique Board Tiles, you can design your own board layouts in a different way every time you play. Experience unlimited replayability by picking the tiles you want to use, rotate them, and even flip them over for the mirrored layout.


There are four phases of your turn.

Phase 1: Activation
Phase 2: Purchase
Phase 3: Sell
Phase 4: Earn.

Each phase takes approximately a minute and must be completed in the order as outlined in the player guide.


Included in the box are: Player guides(menus), Modular board tiles, Research cards, Mineral cards, Passage tiles, Game pieces, and a rule book. Plus if you Pre-Order now you'll get a sticker for funding the release!

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