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Nov 14, 2021
In General Discussion
Hi, great game, really gives that attack/expand feel of an RTS The line of sight rules are really good as written (i.e. you can't shoot something a knight's move away). It forces you to consider blinds spots and lets you counter stationary defences. It probably also avoids a lot of arguments. 1 - Can the actions in 'activation' be done in any order? ex: use one unit, then fire a sentry, then play a special card, then fire with your base, then use another unit? Or do they have to be done in the order presented? i.e. units, then structures, then cards? 2 - Does each activation need be completed before another begins? i.e. assuming you have 2 activations, you cannot move a unit, then move another, then attack with both? You also cannot move a unit, then play a special action card, then attack with that unit? 3 - I'm assuming there's no limit to what you can buy in a turn other than your ability to pay for it and fit it on the board? You could even buy multiple upgrades in one turn? 4 - I'm assuming component limits are intended to be supply limits? i.e. once you've placed all 4 fighters you can't place more until destroyed 5 - I'm assuming the intent is that the first mine you place costs 2 iron (because one is already in play). If your original mine is destroyed or sold is the only time you could play a mine for 1? 6 - Looking at the turn order, you can recycle resources by playing/selling them assuming you have components available? i.e. Throw down 3 barricades in your home tile and sell them later that turn to quickly turn 3 iron into 3 random cards? Similarly play and sell sentries to turn silver into random cards?


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